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MusicBizAdvice.com contains music business advice and lifestyle tips for working musicians, bands, songwriters, indie artists, and behind-the-scenes music industry professionals from the local to international level. Whether you work in songwriting, publishing, recording, live music performance, artist management, production, concert promotion, or as part of the crew, we strive to provide you with the most accurate information. As of March 2012 MusicBizAdvice.com has readers in 77 countries and territories.

In the wake of Justin Bieber’s arrest, in Features, we offer advice to parents whose children want to be in the music business, and some words for our fellow music industry pros as well.

In How To, we give you two real life examples of what not to do in a promotional piece, and how to do yours the right way.

In Body & Soul, we give you three important questions to ask yourself when making career decisions in Music Business Survival: How To Balance Practicality With “Being Yourself”.

In Features we set the record straight about Richie Sambora’s absence from Bon Jovi and give you up-to-date information.

In Q&A find out about management employee confidentiality agreements, and whether or not you should sign one.

Also in Q&A learn how to improve your stage presence.

Latest Press:  Check out our Founder Randi Reed being quoted on Forbes.com and on Chris Brogan.com.

Remember: Legitimate music industry companies never ask a minor to come to a meeting alone. The parent or legal guardian is required to be present at all meetings and must sign any contracts on the minor’s behalf.

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