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January 1, 1962: Decca Records A&R man, Dick Rowe, passes on the Beatles after a live audition.

January 3, 2004:
After 30+ years, Casey Kasem delivers his last American Top 40 broadcast (turning it over to Ryan Seacrest). Kasem created the countdown radio show format.


January 4, 1936:  Billboard introduces The Billboard Top 10, the first pop music chart that ranks records based on national sales. The first #1 was Joe Venuti, a big band violinist.

January 5, 1940:  The FCC hears the first demonstration of FM radio. The first FM radio station goes on the air the next year.

January 5, 1978: The Sex Pistols make their US concert debut in Atlanta, GA.

January 11, 1963: The Whiskey-a-Go-Go, America’s first discotheque, opens. Modeled after clubs in Europe, it was known at the time for having go-go girls dancing in cages.

January 12, 1963: The Beatles release “Please Please Me,” which becomes their first hit one year after being rejected by Decca Records.

January 14-15, 1955:  Alan Freed’s first “Rock & Roll Party” concert takes place at St. Nicholas Arena in New York. Attendance: over 15,000 paid admissions, making it, at that time, the greatest advance ticket sale in the history of American dance promotions. On the bill: Joe Turner, The Clovers, Fats Domino, The Moonglows, Hamptons Drifters, Ella Johnson, Danny Overbea, Dakota Station, Red Prysock, Nolan Lewis, Buddy Johnson Orchestra.


January 15, 1972:  Elvis Presley’s live, worldwide telecast from his Honolulu concert sets a record for the largest TV viewing audience in television history.


January 16, 1957:  The Cavern Club, where the Beatles were discovered by Brian Epstein, opens in Liverpool, England.


January 22, 1889: The formation of the Columbia Phonograph Company is announced. Columbia Records is an offshoot of that original company.


January 28, 1956:  Elvis makes his first national TV appearance on the Tommy & Jimmy Dorsey TV show. He’s introduced by legendary Cleveland DJ Bill Randle. “The year of Elvis” begins.


January 30, 1969: The Beatles make their final public appearance, a free lunchtime concert on the roof of their Apple Corps. Ltd. building at 3 Savile Row in London. The concert is filmed for the movie Let it Be. The Get Back video came from this concert.

January 30, 1973:
Kiss play their first show at the Coventry Club in Queens, NY.

Happy Birthday:

January 3:
George Martin (b. 1926 London, England)
January 4: Michael Stipe (b. 1960, Decatur, GA)
January 5: Marilyn Manson (b. Brian Warner 1969, Canton, OH)
January 8: Elvis Presley (b. 1935 Tupelo, MS)
January 8:
David Bowie (b. David Robert Jones, 1947, London, England)
January 9:
Jimmy Page (b. James Patrick Page, 1944, Heston, London, England)
January 9:
Dave Matthews (b. 1967, Johannesburg, South Africa)
January 10:
Rod Stewart (b. 1945 Glasgow, Scotland)
January 10: Pat Benatar (b. born Patricia Mae Andrzejewski, 1953, Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY)
January 14: Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters b. 1969)
January 17: Mick Taylor (b. Michael Kevin Taylor, 1948, Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire)
January 17:
Paul Young (b. 1956, Luton, Bedfordshire, England)
January 20:
Paul Stanley (b. 1952 New York City)
January 20: Rob Bourdon (Linkin Park b. 1979)
January 22: Steve Perry (b. 1949, Hanford, CA)
January 26: Eddie Van Halen (b. 1957, Nijmegen, Holland)
January 31:
Phil Collins (b. 1951 London, England)
January 31: Justin Timberlake (b. 1981)

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