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Posted: 31st May 2014 by Randi in About Us

Latest Press Release: To Accept Bitcoin As Payment For Services (And Becomes One of the First Music Business Consultancy Firms To Accept Bitcoin)

Los Angeles, CA 5/31/ will accept Bitcoin virtual currency as payment for its music consultancy services starting in June, Founder Randi Reed announced on the MusicBizAdvice Blog on Friday.

The move places in position to be one of the first, if not the first, music business consultancy firms to accept Bitcoin virtual currency, as well as one of the first music business service providers to accept it.

It also happens just as many independent artists on the road at the height of concert season discover the hazards of attempting to manage themselves, or realize the cousin they hired to be their tour manager doesn’t know what he’s doing after all.

Says Reed, “Creative people need a variety of solutions. Bitcoin is a great option for Indie Musicians who don’t have a lot of immediate cash flow but need urgent advice about how to market their music or manage their band when something goes wrong on the road. A lot of them have Bitcoin they bought a couple of tours ago but never used because the services they needed didn’t accept it. By giving artists the choice of using Bitcoin, helps them bridge that gap, which frees up more of their traditional cash for other things they need.”

Bitcoin will not replace other forms of payment accepts, says Reed. “Bitcoin is one more avenue to make it easier for artists. We’re all about creative solutions, like the consultations I do through (which does pro-rated per-minute billing for telephone consultations). You have to make it easy for clients in a variety of situations.”

Why haven’t more businesses embraced Bitcoin? “They’re nervous about the fluctuation in value. But we don’t see it that way. As an ex-musician, it’s very important to me to make things easy for musicians, not harder.” will use Coinbase, which converts Bitcoin into U.S. dollars, for processing its Bitcoin payments. On Friday, DirecTV also announced it will accept payment from its customers via Coinbase.


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