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MusicBizAdvice.com (pronounced “Music Biz Advice Dot Com”) is a resource for indie musicians, songwriters, and self-managed bands at all levels, as well as managers and tour managers who are new to the music industry. Established in 1997, MusicBizAdvice.com has online and offline resources including a free comprehensive website and online magazine by music industry professionals experienced in booking, artist management, and concert promotion at the Platinum level, as well as offline, short-term consulting services.

The MusicBizAdvice.com website launched at its current URL in 2003 and has been utilized as a resource for Volunteer Lawyers of the Arts, Song U, and E! News. It’s also been featured on the News page of Bon Jovi’s official website, and its This Month in Music History was displayed at the entrance to the Hard Rock Cafe Surfers Paradise in Queensland, Australia.

MusicBizAdvice.com’s free online resources include the MusicBizAdvice.com website, the MusicBizAdvice Blog, and @MusicBizAdvice on Twitter.

MusicBizAdvice.com’s Mission Statement: MusicBizAdvice.com helps musicians by teaching them how to manage their music industry careers and navigate the music business.

MusicBizAdvice.com Motto:
“Learn it. Live it. Make it happen.”

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