This Month in Music History: July

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July 1940: Billboard begins charting pop records. First national hit: “I’ll Never Smile Again,” Tommy Dorsey, Victor Records.

July 1, 1968: John Lennon publicly announces his love for Yoko Ono at his first art opening in London.

July 1, 1983: John Bongiovi signs with Mercury Records. The label, wanting to make his name easier to spell, suggests stage names such as Johnny Lightning. A compromise is reached in the form of Jon Bon Jovi.

July 2, 2005: Live 8 Concerts take place around the world simultaneously to draw attention to poverty in Africa.

July 6, 1953: Bill Haley and the Comets release “Crazy Man, Crazy,” the first rock and roll record ever to make the US charts.

July 12, 1962: The Rolling Stones appear for the first time (London Marquee Club).

July 13, 1985: Live Aid Concerts take place simultaneously in Philadelphia, London, Moscow, and Sydney to raise money to fight hunger in Africa. Phil Collins manages to play the London and Philadelphia shows.

July 25, 1965: Bob Dylan booed by the audience for using an electric guitar for the first time onstage (Newport Folk Festival).

“April is the cruelest month”? No disrespect to T.S. Eliot, but it might be July. All of the following artists died in July: Billie Holiday (heroin overdose at age 44, 1959), Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones (drowning due to drugs and alcohol at age 27, 1969), Jim Morrison (heart attack at age 27, 1971), Cass Elliot (heart attack at age 32, 1974), and Harry Chapin (heart attack induced auto accident at age 39, 1981).

Happy Birthday:

July 1: Debbie Harry (Blondie) (b. 1945, Portsmouth, VA)
July 1: Missy Elliott (b. 1971, Portsmouth, VA).
July 2: Michelle Branch (b. 1983, Flagstaff, AZ).
July 5: Robbie Robertson (1943, Toronto, Ontario).
July 6: 50 Cent (b. Curtis Jackson, 1976, Queens, NY).
July 7: Ringo Starr (b. Richard Starkey, 1940, Liverpool, England).
July 8: Toby Keith (b. Toby Keith Covel, 1961, Clinton, OK).
July 8: Beck (b. Beck Hansen, 1970, Los Angeles, CA).
July 9: Courtney Love (b. Love Michelle Harrison, 1964, San Francisco, CA).
July 9: Jack White (The White Stripes) (b. John Anthony Gillis, 1975, Detroit, MI).
July 10: Jessica Simpson (b. 1980, Dallas, TX).
July 11: Richie Sambora (Bon Jovi) (b. 1959, Perth Amboy, NJ).
July 11: Lil’ Kim (b. Kimberly Denise Jones, 1975, Brooklyn, NY).
July 12: Christine McVie (Fleetwood Mac) (b. 1943, Grenodd, Lancashire, England).
July 13: Fatboy Slim (b. Kenton Cook, 1963, Bromley, Kent).
July 14: Taboo (Black Eyed Peas) (b. 1975).
July 15: Linda Ronstadt (b. 1946, Tucson, AZ).
July 15: Ray Toro (My Chemical Romance b. 1977)
July 16: Stewart Copeland (The Police) (b. 1951, Alexandria, VA).
July 19: Brian May (Queen) (b. 1947, Twickenham, England).
July 20: Carlos Santana (Santana) (b. 1947 Aulan, Mexico).
July 20: Mike Kennerty (All American Rejects b. 1980)
July 22: Don Henley (The Eagles) (b. 1947, Gilmer, TX).
July 23: Slash (Guns N’ Roses) (b. Saul Hudson, 1965, Hampstead, England).
July 23: Michelle Williams (Destiny’s Child) (b. Tenetria Michelle Williams, 1980, Rockford, IL).
July 24: Jennifer Lopez (b. 1970, Bronx, NJ).
July 26: Mick Jagger (b. Michael Phillip Jagger, 1943 Dartford, Kent, England).
July 29: Patty Scialfa (E Street Band) (b. Vivienne Patricia Scialfa, 1953, Deal, NJ).
July 31: Will Champion (Coldplay) (b. 1978, Southampton, Hampshire, England).

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