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At MusicBizAdvice.com the trust of our readers is vital to us. As writers, editors, and content providers, we know our readers rely on us to provide honest, accurate information, so we at MusicBizAdvice.com strongly support and adhere to FTC Blog Disclosure and Endorsement Rules.

This means that:

  • We don’t engage in “endorsement for hire” artists or hidden advertising disguised as articles, blog posts, tweets, or other posts in our social media.
  • We inform you if a product or service we’ve reviewed or written about was “comped,” a “review copy” or otherwise given to us for free.
  • We inform you when products or services mentioned in our articles link to our affiliate programs, or when we otherwise earn a commission or other fee for that product.
  • We inform you if the publishers or writers have a financial connection or potential conflict of interest to a person, product, service, or business mentioned in our articles.
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