December 1, 1971: John Lennon and Yoko Ono record “Happy Christmas” .

December 3, 1979:
Who fans in Cincinnati stampede toward the doors in a rush to get good seats at a Who concert. Eleven are killed and many others are injured, leading to a ban on Festival (General Admission) seating in Cincinnati and other cities in the US .

December 4, 1980: Led Zeppelin
disbands as a result of drummer John “Bonzo” Bonham’s untimely death due to  asphyxiation induced by heavy drinking.

December 6, 1969: Security by the Hell’s Angels proves a bad idea at a Rolling Stones concert at Altamont Speedway near San Francisco, CA. Four die, and the stabbing death of 18 year-old Meridith Hunter at the hands of a Hell’s Angels “security guard” is seen in the subsequent Rolling Stones concert film, Gimme Shelter.

December 8, 1980:  John Lennon is shot and killed as he and Yoko return home to the Dakota Apartments in NYC after a recording session. Mark David Chapman, who had earlier asked for and received an autograph from Lennon, pulled the trigger after calling his name.

December 12,
1957:  Jerry Lee Lewis marries his 13 year-old cousin, Myra Lewis. He neglects to divorce his previous wife before doing so, and the scandal that results when the real age of Lewis’s bride is revealed nearly ruins his career.

December 23, 1969: Elton John begins his collaboration with lyricist Bernie Taupin.

Happy Birthday:

December 1: Brad Delson (Linkin Park b. 1977, Agoura, CA)
December 2: Britney Spears (b.1981, Kentwood, LA).
December 3: Ozzy Osbourne (b. John Robert Osbourne, 1948, Birmingham, England).
December 5: Little Richard (b. Richard Penniman, 1935, Macon, GA).
December 5: Johnny Rzeznik (b. 1965, Buffalo, NY)
December 7: Tom Waits (b. 1949, Pomona, CA).
December 8: Gregg Allman (b. 1947, Nashville, TN).
December 11: Nikki Sixx
(b. 1958, Seattle, WA)
December 13: Ted Nugent (b. 1949, Detroit, MI).
December 13: Taylor Swift (b. Wyomissing, PA 1989)
December 18: Keith Richards (b. 1949, Kent, England).
December 20: Peter Criss (b. 1947, NYC).
December 22: Rick Nielsen (b. 1946, Rockford, IL).
December 23: Eddie Vedder (b. Edward Louis Severson III, 1966, Chicago, IL).
December 24: Ricky Martin (b. 1971, San Juan, Puerto Rico).
December 24: Ryan Seacrest (b. 1974, Atlanta, GA).
December 26: Phil Spector (b. 1940, NYC).
December 26: Chris Daughtry (b. 1979)
December 27: David Knopfler (b. 1951, Glasgow, Scotland)
December 30: Bo Diddley (b. Otha Ellas Bates, changed to Ellas McDaniel, 1928, McComb, MS).
December 31: Bob Bryar (My Chemical Romance b. 1979)

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