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Q&A: Demos For Backup Singers

Posted: 16th July 2011 by Webmaster in Q&A answers your questions about the music industry.

Q. What should be on a demo if you’re trying to backup sing? Is it the same as getting signed? Or should different stuff be on there?

A. If you want to be a background vocalist you should furnish your own material where you are the soloist, cover songs where you are the soloist, and if possible, live clips and/or clips where you are in with various groups (for blend). Your demo should feature varied styles, tempos, and exhibit your full range. You don’t need to put entire songs on there–clips are fine–but you may provide the whole song if you choose. Be sure to include a bio, resume, and credits, as well as write ups and gig flyers in your press kit. If you are looking to perform with an artist live, include a professional photograph that reflects your personality but is also modest enough that shows you will fit in well in the background.

Also, check out our roundtable discussion about background singing with Gabrielle Goodman and Kudisan Kai, who have worked with many major artists, including Beck and Elton John.

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